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General John S. Bowen

Col. John Stevens Bowen architect and retired US Army officer moved to Carondelet in 1859. He built a large home on property bought from Henry T. Blow at what is now 6727 Michigan Ave. Bowen, who was born in Georgia had served as an adjutant at Jefferson Barracks, and met and married Mary Preston Kennerly of Carondelet. He then moved back to Georgia in 1854, only to return to the area in 1857. Bowen opened the architectual firm of Bowen and Miller and organized the St. Louis Architectual Association. Bowen also served in the State Militia. After the Civil War broke out, Bowen formed the Confederate Missouri Second Regiment. He designed the defences of Vicksburg that allowed that city to hold out so long. And surrendered to his former neighbor U. S. Grant. Grant stated in his memoirs at the time of the surrender regarding Bowen, "I had been a neighbor of Bowen's in Missouri, and knew him well and favorably before the war." Bowen died July 13, 1863 of dysentery in Raymond, Mississippi. He had refused an offer from Grant of assistance from the Union Medical Corps. Bowen's widow returned to Carondelet to live with her sister.