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General Ulysses S. Grant

General Grant was not from Carondelet proper, but having moved to southern St. Louis County, Grant had many interactions with the citizens of Carondelet. After graduating West Point Grant was stationed at Jefferson Barracks. While stationed there he met and married Julia Dent, a sister of Frederick T. Dent, his room mate at West Point. Their family estate, White Haven was not far away from Jefferson Barracks. Grant left the army on April 11, 1854. He returned to White Haven to farm, altough he called it "Hard Scrabble." During this time he delivered wood to the residents of Carondelet. In 1858, he opened a real estate office in St. Louis, and with the outbreak of the war was appointed Brigadier General by President Lincoln. After the war, Grant was elected President, and returned to Carondelet for a visit to the home of former Congressman Henry T. Blow's widow. Ironically, one of the homes he used to deliver wood to.