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Carondelet Parks and Other Public Places


Bellerive Park

Bellerive Park was created as a terminus for Bellerive Blvd. And was considered as the southern terminus for a riverfront parkway plan proposed in 1929, but abandoned. It was named for St. Louis's first govenor and commandant, St. Agne de Bellerive. The 5.67 acre park rests on a high hill that overlooks the original settlement of Carondelet to the south, and a beautiful view of the Mississippi River to east. There is playground equipment and a pavilion with plenty of park benches to enjoy the view of the river.

Carondelet Park

When the city began promoting plans for Foresst Park in the West End, southern city residents demanded a park of their own. In response, Carondelet Park was created and opened on July 4, 1876. Carondelet Park was purchased by the city in 1875 for $140,570 . The Park consists of 180 acres of lightly wooded walking trails, tennis courts, play grounds, base ball diamonds, shelter houses. The high light of the park is a small lake in front of the large pavilion. Concerts, lecture series, picnics, and other social events are held there regularly.

Carondelet Lions Park

This small block park is at Davis Street and Michigan Avenue, and was purchased by the City of St. Louis in 1929. It has playgorund equipment with a few trees.

Sr. Marie Charles Park

This small park is just south of Bellerive Park at the base of the hill next to the river. It consists of a few benches with a short walking trail. The view of the river is pretty, but often blocked by parked barges. Still, it is perhaps the closest one can get to the river in St. Louis.

South St. Louis Square

South St. Louis Square is a block park at Broadway and Schirmer Street. Part of the original Spanish grant of Carondelet, this small park was set aside to forever be a park when Carondelet was incorporated as a town in 1832. When Carondelet was annexed into St. Louis, the park was given to St. Louis. One of Carondelet's town markets stood in the northeast corner and this is now leased out by the city as a private market. There is playground equipment and a small pathway across the park shaded by many large trees.

Other Fun Places

Carondelet Branch of the St. Louis Public Library

The Carondelet branch library was built in part from funds given to the City of St. Louis for a new main library and several neighborhood libraries. It was completed in 1907. The branch library has many books, videos, CDs, and cassette tapes to check out, as well as computers with internet access for use by its patrons. The library is at 6800 Michigan Ave.

Carondelet Historical Society

The Carondelet Historical Society was founded in 1967, and had 353 charter members. In April, 1981, the society purchased the old Des Peres School, site of the first public school kindergarten in the United States. It has since restored the classroom Susan Blow taught the first kindergarten in to its 1875 conditions. The rest of the building serves as a museum and historical library. It is open Wednesdays and Fridays: 9:30 a.m. to Noon, Saturdays: 10:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Admission is $2.00 for Adults and $1.99 for Children 12 and under. It is located at 6303 Michigan Ave.