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Henry T. Blow

Henry T. Blow came to Carondelet from Saint Louis in 1849 after the great fire destroyed his home. He built a large home on a 16 acre estate west of what is now Virginia Ave. Blow was originally from Virginia, and it was his family that first owned Dred Scot. Scot was sold to Irene Emerson when the family needed money. None the less the Blow family association with Scot did not end. Henry T. Blow helped fund Dred Scott's lawyers in his effort to obtain freedom in 1848. And eventually, Taylor Blow, Henry's brother, bought Dred Scot his freedom. Blow went on to become a Congressmen during the Civil War, and served as Lincoln's minister to Venezeuela. After the war, President Grant made him minister to Brazil. Blow was a very influencial business man in St. Louis and owned the Collier White Lead Company and the Granby Mining and Smelting Company. He was instrumental in getting electric streetcars in St. Louis and in other activities such as the St. Louis Board of Trade.