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Mayor Raymond Tucker

Raymond Tucker was born, raised, and spent most of his life in Carondelet. In 1920, he recieved a B.S. from the department of mechanical engineering at Washington University. He married Edythe Lieber in 1928. From 1927 to 1934 he taught at Washington University. In 1934, he became secretary to Mayor Bernard F. Dickmann and was made chairman of the Budget Committee. Tucker pushed for an anti-smoke ordinance which was adopted in 1937. He was then made the city's first Smoke Commissioner. After 1940 he served as Director of Public Safety and was a member of Public Service. he resigned in 1941 with a change in administration. He returned to Washington University as head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering in 1942. Under Mayor Darst he served on the Air Pollution Committee, and in 1953 he was elected Mayor of St. Louis. He served from 1953 to 1965. As mayor he passed several bond issues, supported the adoption of the Metropolitan Sewer District, and was active in urban renewal. He died November 23, 1970.