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Welcome to Carondelet!

History abounds in Carondelet! Here President U.S. Grant once delivered wood as a down and out farmer, and Susan Blow founded the first full time public school kindergarten. Ironclads that helped break the seige of Vicksburg were built in Carondelet docks for the Union as a Carondelet citizen in exile built Confederate gunboats in the south. All this from a humble settlement started in 1767 once known as Vide Poche "Empty Pockets."

Carondelet is the southern most neighborhood of Saint Louis along the river. It has its own riverfront in the form of two parks, Sister Marie Charles and Bellerive Parks. And is one of the oldest sections in the city, having been founded as a seperate settlement a mere three years after St. Louis. Modern Carondelet is a middle class neighborhood where one can safely walk the streets at night, and people regularly speak to each other on the street. Take a look around, and if you like what you see, pay Carondelet a visit!

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